Broad, flexible Protection home…and YOU! As a homeowner, you know you can’t afford to be without homeowners insurance “Progresso Insurance” offers a varying levels of homeowners protection that can protect both your home and contents. What is protected under a homeowners policy.

The home homeowners policy provides protection for the following: your home and garage, your personal property : furniture, clothing and appliance. Other structures on your premises such: as a permanent utility shed or an in ground swimming pool. Additional living expense: over your usual expenses, When your home is uninhabitable (unlivable) because of a COVERED loss.

Liability: arising from lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage as well as uninhabitable defense. Medical payment: which may be necessary because of injuries suffered by either on your premises (or) by your actions. In addition, but’ not limited too, the policy also may cover: trees, shrubs and plants damage to property of others watercraft liability for most boats, tree debris removal, refrigerated property re-keying of locks, power interruption, also reward personal injury liability.

NOTE: Coverage may not apply in all policy some exclusions and limitation may apply.

What property perils are covers some of the important property perils this policy covers are: fire, lighten, hail wind, hail, smoke ,theft, vehicle damage, aircraft vandalism, glass breakage, falling trees, water damage weight of snow, ice, freezing of plumbing, electrical damage to appliances, explosions, strikes, riots, damage to dwelling from chemicals any other accidents damage to building.

NOTE: Coverage may not apply in all policy some exclusion and limitations may apply.

What optional coverage is available:

Special personal property coverage: Adds additional coverage for property loss.

Personal Property Replacement Cost: Provides replacement cost coverage for your personal property if it is stolen, or damage by a covered loss.

Earthquake Damage: Covers damage to your property resulting from an earthquake

Scheduled Personal Property: Covers those treasured possessions, items covered are jewelry, musical instruments, silverware, fine arts, personal computers.

Recreational Watercraft Liability: Covers your liability for outboards, inboards jet skies and sailboats

Additional Residence Premise Liability: Provides liability for one to four family rental you may own or rent to others.

Note: Coverage may not apply in all policies, some exclusion and limitations may apply.

Regardless of which homeowners insurance defines your needs, Progresso Insurance deals with the best rated carriers.

We take pride in our quality competitively premium policies which provide the coverage for you and your family needs.

Homeowners Insurance

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